Sculptures bear

Sculptures bronze

La Course au poisson

Sculpture joyful in motion.  Brown patina, light background with green glints on the fish.
Sculptures bronze

Back from Fishing

I finished this sculpture on Christmas Day 2019 and at first I called it Happy Christmas, imagining the bear cub offering the fish as gifts! Now I prefer Back from Fishing, which I feel is more appropriate to the subject. Brown patina, lighter background with green glints for the fish.
Sculptures bronze

First Child

On the bond between parents/child. This is a piece to be looked at from all angles, including "the back" where the sculpture reveals an interesting perspective.  Brown patina, lighter background.
Sculptures bronze

De plus en plus haut

A sculpture which can also be placed on a stone or steel base in the garden.
Sculptures bronze

Fiancés on a bench

Two lovers, on a bench, holding hands, their glances cross.  The second version of this theme which I hold doubly close to my heart. Brown patina lighter backgrounds.
Sculptures bronze

My little bear

A small sculpture, joyful and tender, on the theme of a bear doing  a handstand.
Sculptures bronze

Two Bears or Between Us

A circular sculpture based on the bond between parents and child.
Sculptures bronze

Bear and her Cub

Sandstone, bronze original.  Presented at the  ART’UP Galleries in Lille.  Entrusted to the Harze Foundry  for the release of the next bronze edition 1/8.A playful theme that I re-use in different positions by playing on the roundness of the forms.
Sculptures bronze

The Four Pizzlys

A bear and three cubs performing a balancing act.  A crossing of the Polar Bear and the Brown Bear.Rich brown patina with a lighter background.
Sculptures bronze

My Bear

One of my great themes !  This sculpture was created for the exhibition « Liaisons Vitals » (Vital Connections), at the Natural History Museum of Lille.
Sculptures bronze

Gaby and Her Bear

From a  teddy bear to a real bear that reaches out to the little girl.  This sculpture was presented at the Spring Art Fair in London.Brown patina with a lighter background.
Sculptures bronze

Three Bears

A mother or father bear play with their three little cubs who ‘attack’ them.  A scene both tender and playful.Red brown patina.
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