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Bronze sculptures

Jewelled Giraffe

An image of a woman whose neck is encircled by rings which represent social pressure.  She transcends the latter by displaying a proud and elegant posture. A large bronze currently on display until November 2020 in the remarkable garden of the Musée de l'outil (Tool Museum) in the Val d'Oise. Price and delivery : Contact us
Bronze sculptures


The last rare artist's proof IV/IV which takes up the timeless theme of mother and child.    I could talk about African maternity.  In my iconography, the giraffe is a woman, the rhinoceros a man.  Here a tender look is exchanged between the mother giraffe and her rhinoceros son !  Brown patina, lighter background, slight colour of the savannah. The last...
Bronze sculptures

Very Shy

The staging of a young, contemplative rhino, intimidated by three young giraffes.Tobacco patina, support brass with black/brown patina.
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