Sculptures girafe

Sculptures bronze

Pregnant Giraffe

A majestic giraffe which is one of my iconic pieces.   A giraffe woman, the sculpture plays on curves and focusses on the birth to come.  This is a large bronze, a copy of which has been exhibited in the main courtyard of the Sorbonne Place du Panthéon and at the Archaeological Museum of Val d'Oise, at the exhibition "Sculptures en liberté". Delivery...
Sculptures bronze

Jewelled Giraffe

An image of a woman whose neck is encircled by rings which represent social pressure.  She transcends the latter by displaying a proud and elegant posture. A large bronze currently on display until November 2020 in the remarkable garden of the Musée de l'outil (Tool Museum) in the Val d'Oise. Price and delivery : Contact us
Sculptures bronze


The last rare artist's proof IV/IV which takes up the timeless theme of mother and child.    I could talk about African maternity.  In my iconography, the giraffe is a woman, the rhinoceros a man.  Here a tender look is exchanged between the mother giraffe and her rhinoceros son !  Brown patina, lighter background, slight colour of the savannah. The last...
Sculptures bronze

Very Shy

The staging of a young, contemplative rhino, intimidated by three young giraffes.Tobacco patina, support brass with black/brown patina.
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