Medium Format Sculpture

Bronze sculptures

Jumping elephant

I had great pleasure in creating this joyful sculpture which has such a strong presence. You can see it now "in real life" at the Oeil du Prince Gallery in Biarritz and at the Gilbert Dufois Gallery in Senlis.
Clay sculptures


Bronze sculptures

My three rascals

A very graphic and playful sculpture created for the exhibition "Variations" in November 2020 at the Gilbert Dufois gallery. Gray patina with lighter backgrounds.
Bronze sculptures


The last rare artist's proof IV/IV which takes up the timeless theme of mother and child.    I could talk about African maternity.  In my iconography, the giraffe is a woman, the rhinoceros a man.  Here a tender look is exchanged between the mother giraffe and her rhinoceros son !  Brown patina, lighter background, slight colour of the savannah. The last...
Bronze sculptures

My Seahorse

Sculpture continuing on the marine theme for the Bêtes à Musée exhibition. The seahorse's spiralled tail responds to the curve of its neck. A look is exchanged between the seahorse and its rider. Brown patina with lighter background.
Bronze sculptures

Sacred Boat

Five elephants descend The Nile on a crocodile.  A voyage in time and space.Brown patina with a lighter background.  Pedestal brass, base black/brown.Sculpture created for the exhibition « Bêtes a Musée »
Bronze sculptures


A family of wolves, on an impulse which is beautiful and communicative, ‘sing’ to the moon.With this sculpture I played on fullness and emptiness to create an overall composition which joins emotion and form.Grey/black patina with a lighter background.
Bronze sculptures

Gentle games

A game of acrobatics between parent and child.I have played on fullness and emptiness and the roundness of the gently touching animals’ trunks.This sculpture was presented for the first time at the ART’UP Galleries in Lille.  The original clay was presented at Antica Namur in October 2019.Nitrate d'argent patina.
Bronze sculptures

The problem with the wolf

The wolf is a fascinating animal, associated with fables and legends throughout history.  I wanted to reverse the ferocious image of the wolf and to ask myself who will eat who !
Bronze sculptures

Stand Up My Little One !

A mother elephant pushes her young one forward.  Between authority and tenderness.Grey patina with lighter silver nitrate background.
Bronze sculptures

From Hump to Hump

A little girl jumps from one hump to the other of a camel that at the same time remains imperturbable and complicit.Tawny patina with a lighter background.
Bronze sculptures

Come and Play With Me

I worked very hard on the anatomy of the baby elephant for this sculpture.  Presented for the first time at the Antica Namur in 2019.   A game between children !Grey platina with silver nitrate.
Bronze sculptures


Sokatira is a Basque tug of war game.  A very graphic sculpture presented for the first time at the Antica Namur in 2019 by the Septentrion Gallery.  Place it preferably on a wall shelf, high enough to optimise the reading of this sculpture.
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