Sculptures jeune garçon

Clay sculptures

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Sculpture en terre noire de Dieppe. Pièce unique.
Bronze sculptures

Axel and his elephant

Sculpture presented in bronze for the first time during the "VARIATIONS" exhibition at the Gilbert Dufois gallery. This revival of the elephant with the bird will find its place in any garden. I can envisage  a corten steel plinth suitable for any chosen location. Beautiful gray patina with lighter backgrounds.
Bronze sculptures

The problem with the wolf

The wolf is a fascinating animal, associated with fables and legends throughout history.  I wanted to reverse the ferocious image of the wolf and to ask myself who will eat who !
Bronze sculptures


Knew the dream !Brown patina slightly enhanced with smoky black on the horse’s mane, blanket ochre brown.  Brass pedestal, base black patina.
Bronze sculptures

The Bather

A little girl and her baby hippopotamus go for a bath.  I have seen them !Very soft grey patina with shades of browns and greens.
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